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The Chocolatier

Aneesh Popat

Aneesh Popat is an award-winning chocolatier and an ambassador of fine chocolate. His clientele includes royalty, Michelin starred restaurants, luxury hotels, department stores and leading global brands. The Chocolatier maintains wellbeing as a core value creating handmade indulgent chocolates with a selection of the finest single origin cacao in the world, using natural ingredients without any cream or butter. His scientific background and passion for fine chocolate has led him to become renowned for his unique and experimental flavour combinations. Aneesh commissioned IWANT to overhaul the brand in 2018, creating a fresh identity, visual language and full packaging range to re-position The Chocolatier at the higher end of the market where it should be.

The Chocolatier Packaging
The Chocolatier Tetra Packs
the chocolatier logo
The Chocolatier Gold Foil Tube
The Chocolatier crown motif
the chocolatier orange tetra pack
The Chocolatier Packaging
the chocolatier tetra packaging
the chocolatier tubes
the chocolatier presentation
the chocolatier packaging
the chocolatier brand guideline
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the chocolatier Packaging
the chocolatier Packaging
The Chocolatier box design
the chocolatier Packaging
the chocolatier packaging