Talea Beer Co on Pitchfork!

→ 20.11.20

Studio excitment reached maximum today, for as long as it has existed I have dreamed of gracing the home page of seminal music blog Pitchfork. You can imagine my shock when opening the URL for a daily news check staring back at me was my work!! unfortunately it wasn't my debut record, however it was our latest beer for New York based Talea for whom we have branded and been designing beers for for the past year!

Tart Deco Mangotango features in oct.co's 'Best IPAs of 2020 (So Far) with an amazing rating of 91/100 - here's what they had to say.

'... The volume of flavor in each sip is out of this world. Your taste buds are blasted with sweet, sour fruit, and—unlike in the aroma—the mango truly shines on every gulp. At a devastatingly deceptive 7.5% ABV, you’d be smart to slow down, but honestly it is hard to do so. Despite the mouth-puckering tartness, Mangotango goes down all too smooth, leaving me wanting more after each sip.'

You can read the full article here at oct.co