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Tenuta Marino

Tenuta Marino

Located in the Marche region of Italy, just 15 minutes from the beach resort town of Senigallia, lies the Tenuta Marino Vineyard, owned and run by two native New Yorkers. Chris and Marjorie purchased the estate in 2017 and have immersed themselves in the culture of the area, respecting the land and using it to maximise its capabilities to produce quality wines and olive oils. They describe the landscape as having a bit of everything, ranging from snow capped mountains to lush green hills that descend into the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

When developing branding an designs it was important to take our cues from the terroir of the vineyard and it’s proximity to the sea. We created abstract patterns by pressing grapes into ink and allowing the juice to seep and flow into the ink and onto the paper, we used abstractions of undulations in the landscape and elements of vines and soil to build up the images that will adorn the forthcoming vintages.

We designed an elegant but confident word marque that uses both bold and fine lines as a way to represent the transition of the big city to the country (Manhattan – Le Marche). We coupled this with stylised TM monogram that represents a cascading vine.

The first vintages are available now with more to follow throughout 2021, followed by the new harvest olive oils.

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